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Travel in Style

Lola Hats are the perfect sunny getaway accessory. Here, packing tips for our bestselling styles.

The Alpargatas is best worn rather than carried in a bag. Let it hang down your back with the ribbons tied in front.

The Strings is also best worn as part of your travel look.

The First Aid should be turned upside down first. Pinch opposite sides of the brim inward so they come in to touch each other like a four-leaf clover. Put into your carry on bag with the crown down.

The Tarboush is flexible enough to go into your carry on. Fill it with a t-shirt or other lightweight clothing so it retains some of its shape.

The Waistband can be lightly folded or twisted and then packed away.

Like clothing, any hat will get wrinkles after being tightly packed. Upon arrival at your destination, allow your hat to sit out on a table or open space to regain its shape naturally. If needed, lightly iron the brim to remove any wrinkles.

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